Frequently Asked Questions


Is Momentum free to install?

Yes, the software from our company is absolutely free of charge and you do not need a subscription with Momentum. In addition to the standard version, Momentum-Plus, a version with extended features, is also available free of charge. However, a subscription to a Usenet provider is required for the full use of Momentum.

Why can't I find certain content?

Our software Momentum gives you the opportunity to get access to a Usenet index. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of the uploaded content in the Usenet, as we ourselves have no influence on the content posted in the Usenet.

Where can I find an overview of the categories?

The setting with an overview of the categories is a feature that represents added value for many users and makes your search easier. However, this feature is only available in the Momentum Plus version. You can switch to Momentum Plus in the Tab 'M PLUS' or in the Settings.

Where can I change the settings?

You can access the Momentum settings via the three vertically arranged points in the upper right corner. There you will also find information about your account and you can switch to the popular dark mode.

What is the difference between Momentum and Momentum Plus?

In contrast to the classic version of Momentum, Momentum Plus offers you a number of other advantages that are made available to you completely free of charge and will make your experience with Momentum even more positive. In addition to all of the core functions of Momentum, Momentum Plus offers you an integrated category view that makes your search more efficient. You get access to even more newsgroups and Momentum Plus also provides you an improved performance compared to Momentum.

How can I get help with further technical problems?

If you have further technical problems with Momentum, you can reach our support around the clock via email at [email protected]


How and where can I cancel my subscription?

The newsreader Momentum is absolutely free of charge, so there is no need to cancel Momentum. You probably want to cancel your subscription with your respective Usenet provider. To do this, please contact the Usenet provider with whom you signed your contract. In many cases this is or

My data volume has been used up. How can I recharge it?

If your data volume is used up, you can recharge it in the member area of your contractual partner and Usenet provider. So please contact your relevant contractual partner. In many cases this is or

I can not log in with my access data, what should I do?

If you have problems logging in, we recommend that you first reset your password in the member area of your Usenet provider and request a new password. If this does not help, please contact the support team of your Usenet provider.

Technical background

Momentum is said to be malware / spyware / malicious code. Is that correct?

Unfortunately, this claim has been incorrectly made by some news portals. Momentum does not access any access data and does not pass them on to third parties. We would like to inform you that your privacy and data protection are very important to us.

The support team needs my log files for error analysis. What are log files and where can I find them?

A log file is a file where processes that run on a computer or network system are recorded. This file helps us to analyze which problems arose when you try to access Momentum. You can find the log file by using the three dots in the upper right corner of Momentum to navigate to the "Settings" tab. Under the "Support" area you will find the "Create log files" button. Please send us the folder you created as an attachment to your email so that we can fix your problem as soon as possible.


My settings are no longer available after updating to Momentum 2

If after updating from Momentum 1.x to Momentum 2.x your finished downloads, favorites, saved searches etc. are no longer displayed, please proceed as followed:

  • Download the restore-data script
  • End Momentum
  • Start the script by double-clicking.
    • If the message "The computer has been protected by Windows" is displayed when you start the script, you must click on "More Information" and then on the "Run anyway" button.
  • Now a new window is displayed and the script is executed. Please follow the instructions in the window.
  • Start Momentum - now your settings should be available again.

The installation of Momentum failed. How do I get the software up and running?

Installation problems can have various causes. We recommend that you first download the installation file again directly from our homepage and try to install Momentum again.

The Momentum client won't start, how do I fix the problem?

If the Momentum client does not start as usual, we would like to ask you to uninstall Momentum first and install a fresh copy from This should fix the problem quickly.

Momentum does not start under macOS 10.15 Catalina, how do I solve the problem?

Starting with macOS 10.15 Catalina or newer, Momentum needs new permissions for files and folders. Without these permissions the following problems may occur.

  • Application cannot be started and stops at the loading screen
  • Downloads cannot be started or added.

To grant Momentum access to the required folders the following steps have to be done

  • Open System Preferences > Security
  • Make sure that both checkboxes under "Files and Folders" are set for Momentum.

An error occurs with all downloads, what is the cause?

The problem could either be a software bug or your virus protection system seems to mean it a little too well. If uninstalling and reinstalling Momentum does not solve the problem, we would like to ask you to deactivate the so-called ransomware protection of your virus protection. When this is done, the PC should first be restarted before Momentum is opened again.

Why can't I download at full speed?

Unfortunately, especially at times of increasing home office and other peak loads, such as public holidays, the evening hours or the weekend, the entire Internet is very busy and often overloaded. This can also affect the downloads you make with Momentum from the Usenet. Please try again in a few hours. If the speed has not improved, we recommend submitting a fault report to your Usenet provider.

We'd be happy to help!

We work hard to give you the best experience with our software but if you encounter any difficulties, please let us know. We'd truly appreciate your feedback!
If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ Section of our website - the answers you seek might already be available there. Otherwise, send us a message using the contact form below, our Support Team would be happy to help!

Please note, we offer support in English and German only.